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Hair Up, the natural solution for hair and scalp problems

    Hair Up is a unique natural preparation, which stops hair loss and promotes hair growth, is efficient and safe for use among women, men and children.

    Hair Up, the natural solution for hair and scalp problems

    Important information about Hair Up preparation:
    • Hair Up is composed of 100% natural ingredients as defined by the US Personal Care Products Council
    • Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health
    • Stops hair loss and promotes growth of new hair when the follicles are alive
    • Improves hair appearance, thickens hair, improves hair vitality, cleans the scalp from dandruff
    • Effective and safe for usage among women, men and children and is not addictive
    • Over 20 years of experience
    • Over 20,000 patients since 1990
    • Applied externally only, to the scalp

    Hair Up preparation is based on the following principles:
    • Herbs that contain ingredients which have a positive effect, but without any side effects. The ingredients neutralize the effect of hazardous substances in the vicinity of the hair follicle.
    • Herbal essences that dilate the blood vessels in the scalp area and increase the vital nutrition to the hair follicle.
    • Herbal essences that have antiseptic qualities, cleaning the scalp from dandruff and seborrhea (leading causes of alopecia)

    How Hair Up is applied?
      Hair Up is a natural hair preparation that is topically applied to the scalp and scalp hair.

    Which alopecia types can be treated by Hair Up?
      Hair Up is effective for treatment of hair loss and promotion of growth of new hair, when there are still living hair follicles. The preparation is suitable for most types of alopecia: Male Pattern Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, alopecia caused by mental stress, hair loss due to Seborrhea and hair loss caused by Psoriasis. The preparation can be used by women, men and children.

    Is Hair Up safe for use?
      Hair Up is comprised of 100% natural ingredients, consists of essences of medical herbs safe for usage, as defined by the US Personal Care Products Council. Hair Up has an excellent safety profile as experienced by long term experience of thousands of patients.

    Is there experience in treating hair loss with Hair Up?
    • Hair Up is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health
    • Over 20,000 patients treated in Israel and worldwide
    • The hair treatment, alopecia and hair loss institute has been in operation since 1990
    • Hair Up has an excellent safety profile with long term experience. In over 20+ years of treatment with Hair Up, no negative side effects were reported

    Is the usage for life?
      The preparation is based on natural ingredients only and doesn’t cause addiction, therefore once the desired results are met, one can gradually stop the treatment.

    Additional information regarding treatment and chances of success:

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